Bismillah Emblem

What is the Bismillah Emblem?

The National Islamic Committee on Scouting has developed the Bismillah emblem to encourage muslim youth who are Cub Scouts
to advance in the knowledge and practice of Islamic religious living.

Muslims start any saying with “In the name of God, the compassionate, and the merciful.” So, since Cub Scouting is the beginning program of the BSA, when a boy learns something in this field he should be awarded the “Bismillah emblem” first. In earning this emblem, boys will learn all the basic things they should know (at the age) about the religion of Islam.

This program also provides the opportunity for the boys to receive closer guidance from parents, Imam and religious school teachers who serve as counselors.

The pendant is attached to a bronze bar pin that carries the Arabic lettering from the Holy Book of Koran.

Who Is Eligible?

Any Cub Scout can earn the Bismillah emblem if he is registered with a Cub Scout pack and practicing Muslim faith. However, by the time he received the emblem, he should have achieved the following:
Registered in Cub Scouting for at least 6 months. Earned the Bear rank (or earned at least five Webelos badges). He must attend religious school and practice the Islamic Law and fulfill his obligation.

Purpose: Encourages boys to advance in the knowledge and practice of Islamic living.
Eligibility: Islamic Cub Scouts who have been involved in Cub Scouting at least six months and attend a religious school.
Cub Scouts must have achieved Bear rank or earned at least five Webelos activity badges by the time they receive the award.
Requirements: Youth must successfully complete all activities related to the Holy Books, Great Prophets, prayers, religious holidays, Mosque or Islamic centers, Muslim heroes, and American Muslim heritage. For Cub Scout to Earn "The Bismillah Emblem"  - Please download the PDF document and send it to

How is the Emblem Worn?

The Boy Scouts of America has authorized the wearing of the Bismillah emblem on the Cub Scout uniform over the left pocket.

How a Cub Scout Earns the Bismillah Emblem

1. Read the activities for the Bismillah program.
Your parents, Imam, religious school teachers, and counselors will gladly help and guide you on each activity.
2. Keep a neat record of your work in a note-book.
3. Place an “X” in the box next to the number of each activity you complete. Your parent(s)/ guardian(s) will check your
work for each activity and sign in the space provided.
4. When you have completed all the activities, your Imam or religious school teacher will review them with you and sign in the space provided.
5. The application is then completed and mailed to:
Boy Scouts Of America
P.O. Box 857, Edison, NJ 08818

6. The Bismillah emblem will be presented to you by your Imam or counselor at a Cub Scout pack meeting or at some other
appropriate occasion.
7. Your parents also get recognition at the national meeting of the council

To Whom It May concern

Please be advice the following procedure until our order form develop the electronically via web
Each Emblem cost $25.00, to be remitted to NICS-BSA, along with the cost of shipping which we recommend US Postal Priority mail, adding to same check for $6.00 per shipment regardless of quantity.

Allow shipping time one week for processes after of approval of award.

All communication address to:

Religious Relationship:

Award Committee
NICS-BSA, P. O. BOX 857, EDISON NJ 08818
25 Bloomfield Avenue, ISELIN NJ 08830.
Attention to Syed Ehtesham Naqvi